Making A Positive Change in Communities

A1E contributes in the empowering of its local stakeholders through various activities under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

Dubbed as “KaisasaPagsulong” or “One in Moving Forward”, A1E’s CSR Program is based on a deep understanding and appreciation of the knowledge and strengths of our host communities, as well as the gaps where our corporate knowledge and strengths will be most useful.

The CSR Program creates opportunities for our host communities, strengthen local systems and empower various stakeholders. A1E aims to serve as a catalyst for creating a resilient Lamon Bay community.


Dubbed “Sports Challenge, Outdoor Recreation and Education” (SCORE), A1E’s multi-faceted education program underscores the importance of a holistic learning experience through:


  • Improvement of school facilities
  • Support for athletes, scouts and campus journalists
  • Donation of school supplies, learning materials and sports equipment

Livelihood Development

Dubbed “Kaisa Sa Pagsasanay” (KASANAY), A1E’s livelihood and skills development program aims to contribute in poverty alleviation in the local community through:


  • Fish aggregation program
  • Gender-sensitive skills development program on cooking and meal planning, masonry, carpentry, construction painting, and shielded metal arc welding

Health & Sanitation

Dubbed “Kaisa Sa Pag-aruga” (KA-ARUGA) A1E’s health and sanitation program aims to contribute in improving the host community’s access to health care through the following:


  • Medical-dental missions
  • Information campaigns on proper hygiene and nutrition
  • Feeding program for malnourished children
  • Improvement of community health facilities

Disaster Resiliency

Dubbed “Kaisa Laban sa Sakuna” (KALASAG), A1E’s disaster risk reduction program aims to contribute in the formation of disaster-resilient communities in the LamonBay area through the following:


  • Cooperation in community drills for earthquake, fire and typhoons
  • Information campaigns on safety at sea
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for members of BantayDagat and Barangay Tanod
  • Relief operations

Environmental Stewardship

Dubbed “One Earth”, A1E’s environmental stewardship program aims to underscore the roles that each member of the community plays in taking care of the environment through the following:


  • Carbon sink initiatives
  • Kaisa reef (artificial reef installation and management)
  • Coastal clean-up and information campaigns on solid waste management